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  • international view multi-metals strategy
  • led by two listed companies supported by ten industrial groups
  • production-research system of mining & metallurgy and survey design
  • dual drives of products management and capital operation
  • build large enterprise with international competitiveness

    through years of sustainable development, shaanxi non-ferrous group has established its own predominant industries provided with outstanding main fields, core competitiveness and independent intellectual property rights, where molybdenum and titanium are leading industries, aluminium, plumbum, zinc and valuable metals are comparatively leading and silicon, vanadium and nickel are potentially leading industries. adhering to the principle of "giving play to the advantages, highlighting the primary business¡±, we aim to elevate large-scale economic level and lead to group development by accelerating industrial structure adjustment, conformity and congregation of capital, technology and talents toward leading industry, promoting productive specialization level and strengthening the ten industries using all forces to achieve leap-forward development.

    molybdenum industry as jinduicheng molybdenum industry becomes a listed stock, the group has resorted to its resource guarantee, used technological upgrade as a masterstroke, focused on deep process level elevation for both horizontal and vertical expansion and combining development of mining and metallurgy, molybdenum chemistry and molybdenum metals, which ensures its core position in national molybdenum industry and helps build a world-level base for molybdenum production and scientific research.
    titanium industry bao ti group aims to achieve a goal of ten billion bao ti, complete with all guarantee measures focusing on capital operation through vertical integration strategy to extend its industrial chains, allocate reasonably its resources, pioneer new creative industries, adjust product structure, accelerate construction of independent innovation system, implement strategies driven by technology, exert collective functions of industrial group, take firm hold of market share, strengthen its leading position as production and scientific research base for titanium-based rare metal materials and equipment manufacture, and exploit international market for leap-forward development.
    aluminium industry according to the thinking of dedication to aluminium industry complete with aluminum and power in extended industrial chain, tongchuan aluminium industry accelerates optimization of industrial structure and schedule of deep process projects, and expands production scale to establish integrated production system of aluminium, power and carbon. technology input is enhanced to foster technical progress and gear processed products toward high-added-value for more profit margins and stronger and bigger enterprise.
    plumbum and zinc industry led by plumbum and zinc smelting, based on plumbum and zinc mines and focusing on construction of large industrial structure of plumbum and zinc, hanzhong bayi zinc industry co. ltd., shaanxi zinc industry, qiantongshan mining industry and yinmusi mining industry have improved their industrial chain of mining, selection and metallurgy using complementary strengths, resources sharing, mutual progress and coordinated development. mine management is enhanced to expand mining areas; positively take part in international market operation using markets of futures and merchandise on hand to raise magnitude of shaanxi plumbum and zinc industry in national field.
    vanadium industry on the basis of rich vanadium mine resources in the province and currently the biggest mining, selection and metallurgy production system for single vanadium production, wuzhou mining will make good use of fairly good quality of ores, convenience for mining and mature pick-up technology of refined vanadium to accelerate construction and resources consolidation, enlarge vanadium mine reserves, quicken industrial consolidation and extension and become a new vanadium production base with national competitiveness.
    valuable metals industry according to requirements of constructing resource-saving enterprises, sifang gold mine and shaanxi silver mines will strengthen detail management, emphasize elevation of mining field management level, stick to exploration-mining combination and deep-peripheral exploration, increase reserve and prepare resources for sustainable development of the mines.
    silicon industry tianhong silocn material will aim to construct national large-scale production base for micro-electronic grade polysilicon material and pv industry. using internationally top-ranking polysilicon technology and equipment and based on advantages of shaanxi non-ferrous group in technology, management and talents, it strives for extension to drive industrial development of big size monocrystalline, silicon slice process, pv cells and its components and open up tight matching industries, so that silicon material and pv will become national top-ranking industry with advantageous brand.
    nickel industry according to first-class design and technology, jianchaling nickel industry is quick to build new national production base for nickel industry in conformity with international managerial standards.
    geological investigation industry according to the thinking of integrated geology and mining, mining enterprises cooperates with northwest geologic survey bureau under the policy of theoretical supervision, technological priority, exploration and results, periphery expansion, cooperative exploitation to base upon resources in the province but scan and prospect nationwide and worldwide to expand reserve and control over the resources in terms of its geologic investigation advantages to provide constant drives for long-term development.