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geologic resources exploration business of shaanxi non-ferrous metal holding group ltd. is mainly operated by northwest non-ferrous metals geological exploration bureau (nnmgeb), undertaking the prospecting of metallurgical and non-ferrous resources in northwest region (including five provinces and autonomous region). now, nnmgeb has developed into a comprehensive exploration team combining geologic survey, geophysical prospecting, geochemical prospecting, surveying, and mineral testing, analysis and research in one. 

nnmgeb consists of twelve subordinate units. no.711 team, with its headquarters located in mianxian county, hanzhong city, is mainly engaged in geologic survey, mining development, petroleum drilling, core drilling, etc. no.712 team, with its headquarters located in xianyang city, is mainly engaged in geologic survey and mining development. no.713 team, with its headquarters located in shangluo city, is mainly engaged in geologic survey, mining development, petroleum drilling, etc. no.717 team and geologic machinery center are both located in baoji city. the former is mainly engaged in geologic survey, mining development, core drilling, etc; and the later in mechanical processing. no.715 team, hydrological team, geophysical-geochemical prospecting team, geologic research institute, surveying and mapping institute, staff hospital, and geologic investigation institute are all located in xi¡¯an city. no.715 team is mainly engaged in petroleum drilling; hydrological team in engineering geological survey, hydrogeological survey, engineering construction, etc; and geophysical-geochemical prospecting team in mining prospecting with geophysical and geochemical methods. geologic research institute is a comprehensive geological and mineral research and development agency integrating the use of techniques in geology, testing, ore dressing and smelting, and remote sensing. surveying and mapping institute¡¯s primary business is surveying and mapping mining site and various types of engineering surveying and mapping. geologic investigation institute¡¯s principal business covers regional geologic survey, engineering geologic investigation, environmental geological investigation, geologic exploration, etc. 

in the past fifty years, nnmgeb discovered over 30 types of minerals within the territory of shaanxi province, prospected and evaluated over 110 large/medium/small deposits, proved up more than 600 million tons of ferrous metal ore reserve and nearly 100 million tons of non-ferrous metal core reserve, prepared over 1000 geologic reports of various types, and completed 200 scientific research projects. since 1978, nnmgeb has obtained 7 national exploration results and scientific and technological progress awards, and 48 ministerial exploration results and scientific and technological progress awards, and made great contribution to the establishment of five major metal mines in shaanxi province. more than 80% of the mineral resources proven by nnmgeb have been developed, establishing a number of major mines and plants such as lueyang steel works, hanjiang steel works, jianchaling gold mine, qiandongshan zinc mine, sifang gold mine, shaanxi silver mine, etc. 

in ore prospecting aspect, nnmgeb actively seeked cooperation with foreign agencies, such as the metal mining agency of japan, korea resources corporation, geological survey of finland, placer dome (canada), etc. now, nnmgeb has 17 class a qualifications, 15 class b qualifications and 16 class c qualifications for geologic investigation. nnmgeb¡¯s geologic investigation institute passed iso9000 quality system authentication in september 2001, and has also been certified by ukas. 

mining development is the extension of nnmgeb¡¯s business chain. after nearly twenty years of growth, its scale expanded gradually, and production capacity, management level and environment protection increase steadily. 

engineering construction consists of three parts, i.e. petroleum drilling, engineering prospecting, and core drilling. at present, nnmgeb processes more than 100 foreign and home made drill rigs of various types with annual drilling capability of more than 300,000m and annual drift driving footage of over 10,000m. 
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