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legal notices

一 legal notices

this website is built by youser holding corporation.anyone who will use it read the following clause,please.

all the document information and other content of the website is provided by youser. anyone who enter this website,read any content,download any document and use any document agrees to abide by these clauses. these clauses are the treaty for you and youser.if you don’t agree to it,pls do not use this website.youser has the right for updating the following clause whenever without any notice. and this updated information will also restict you.

二 the original and all 尊龙凯时·中国官方网站 copyright of this website

1,any content(brand,design character drawing) and any other information’s 尊龙凯时·中国官方网站 copyright belongs to youser if without special explaination.

2,“尊龙凯时·中国官方网站 copyright” marked in this site is youser’s 尊龙凯时·中国官方网站 copyright announcement for the logo sign,design idea,site architechture,as well as own design,compiling,produced content and picture.

3,all the content and service’sintellectual property developed by youser or youser together with others belongs to youser or parter and youser. and them will be protected by intellectual property law (elevant 尊龙凯时·中国官方网站 copyright trade mark right patent right,exclusive right ,other law,rule,legal document and relevant international treaty.anyone who violates the above right will undertake the civilian ,administration and criminal resposibility.

4,this website contain partial content givenby other organisation ,group,business institution or individal.these content’s 尊龙凯时·中国官方网站 copyright belongs to the relevant supplier.and we obtain the admission of the 尊龙凯时·中国官方网站 copyright owner when we extract and transfer.we also mark the source.

三 quote the content of this website

1,if follow the 尊龙凯时·中国官方网站 copyright law ,ther law and youser website’s declaration,you can browse,download this website’s content for the purpose of non-business. when you want to use for usiness (including copying,downloading,saving sending,transferring,renting demonstrating,publishing,issuing any content of this website with any way,or creating deriving )please get the written permission of youser. furthermore,pls remark the original and youser’s 尊龙凯时·中国官方网站 copyright. if other website and media who go against the relevant law,not respect the website’s announcement,or use the website’s content without authorization without indicating the source,youser will take action of law and affix the responsibility for him

2,anyone are forbiden to copy or make mirror on the server that is not belongs to youser without youser’s written permission.

3,please contact the relevant 尊龙凯时·中国官方网站 copyright holder if you want to use the content that other organisation ,group,business institution or individual supply to this website.

4,anyone and any organisation with permission who copy and transfer all youser’s website’s content must apply to the following condition.

1)when extract and quote,please show the real meaning of the original text.


四 link attention

1, anyone who want to link this website must sign the treaty with youser

2,url" " except the sepecial convention,all the link must be pointed to url" ",not other pages of this website

3,the outlook ,position and other aspect oflink are prohibitted to harm and weaken youser

4,the outlook,position and other aspect are not allowed to make illusion for the browsers.

5,when browser active the link,he must show the website content by full screen,not by frame.

6,youser can take back the right of linkers’ link whenever

五 special notices

our website quotes ,extracts or transfers other’s letters,which is not the view of youser,and the purpose is for visitor’s communication and referrence

六 privacy protection

youser promises that we will repect and protect users’privacy right,and we will try our best to protect your information on this website.

七 escape clause

we do our best to aduit this site’s content.but we can not express or imply the content’s correctness,timeliness,validity stability and usability by anyway,can not assure that we will not infringe other’s rights. we are not sure of the stability of the server,not sure that you can browse ,read ,copy,use this website at any time,not sure the correctness,integrality of all letters,charts,material,link this website.also we can not ensure printing,copying and inputting is ok!youser can update this website whenever without notice.and we can not ensure that we will update on time if the content is changed ,and inform you when updating.

if you brigh any direct ,indirect and accessary damage for the third party by using this website’s content or not entering this website(including profit damage,information data lost,property torts),youser is no need to undertake the law responsibility,whether use of contract complaint in tort or any other cause of action.

the link through this website is to provide the users with convenience. the website linked is not be controlled by this site, any user who browse other website by this site’s link is deemed not to browse this site. so if you receive the network transference or any other form of transmission from the website you linked, you are not allowed to ask us for responsibility.

八 others

all the lawsuit and dispute by this website is apply to the law of prc. if the amendment of prc law make the above clause illegal,both will agree to that youser can modify the above clause.