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about us
development prospect
development prospect for shaanxi non-ferrous metals holding group co., ltd.
shaanxi non-ferrous metal holding group ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ¡°shaanxi non-ferrous metal group¡±) was established on feb.28, 2004. under the direction of center government of party, a series of reform and opening policies launched by state council as well as the correct leading of committee and government of shaanxi province for long period, shaanxi non-ferrous metal group adhering to the ideas of keeping with pace synchronously, deepening the reform and sustainable development, has realized the soaring development successfully. 

with the fast development of enterprise, shaanxi non-ferrous metal group actively changes the development mode, promotes assets operation and tries to practice listing & financing, acquisition & merging, laying the sound foundation for future fast development of group.

in the coming period and in accordance with the principles of mutual compensation with advantages & disadvantages, cooperation with powerful enterprise, focusing on promotion and regular operation, shaanxi non-ferrous metal group will accelerate the industrial structure adjustment, adopt various flexible modes for assets operation to actively boost resource collection, emphasize the predominated industry and construct the six large industrial bases such as molybdenum, titanium, vanadium, elecrtolyzing aluminum, lead & zinc and silicon materials with shaanxi characteristics, being prominent in domestic and international market. during developing the leading industry, shaanxi non-ferrous metal group will speed up the system reform for state-owned assets management and realize the capitalization operation for assets


up to 2010, the predicated target of shaanxi non-ferrous metal group will be the formation of rmb 50 billion of total assets, rmb 40 billion of sales revenue and rmb 10 billion of profit tax.

with the purpose of maximizing increment of capital and means of optimizing capital structure in the future, shaanxi non-ferrous metal group will launch the regular and powerful investment activities with perfect planning, and gradually speed up the capital operation and establish the international competitive group early. 

shaanxi non-ferrous metal group is willing to cooperate with friends of all circles, learn from each other and seek for mutual development to actively boost the industrialization progress of shaanxi non-ferrous industry. meanwhile, shaanxi non-ferrous metal group will make great effort to set up the image of enterprise, create the culture of enterprise and make greater contribution to boost local economy development of shaanxi province with the principles of talent-oriented, credit operation and scientific management.