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about us
chairman's oration
youser springs up in the loam, where is sqw, a land of plenty,"shaanxi occupying the zone of 4 hundred kilometers". our quarter lies in xi'an of the capital of "13 ancient dynasties". after reforming ,capital operation. corporation listed and mergering,it becomes internationalized brand in shaanxi native.

we are grounding in shaanxi,grounding in nonferrous metal industry. our products are shipped domestic and abroad,for example: molybdenum titanium lead zinc vanadium and gold silver metal.and our mineral resources have high popularity out of the country. especially, molybdenum,titanium reached a stock listing firstly in the same industry. goldmolybdenum corporation's capacity is the third place in the world ,and the first place in asia. baoti corporation is also the biggest manufacturing and e-science base for rare metal material in our country.tianhonggui company's operation fills the gap for micro-electronics polysilicon material's down sizing in our country. we hope to supply the customer home and abroad with more additional value and more addapative products. we pursuit constantly ,and go ahead along with international operation distance. while carry out the strategy of "go out" actively. and explore the resouce ,develop the program in canada,congo,mongol nationality,argentina indonesia early or later, achived the preliminary the same time,we make effort for the nonferrous metal value, innovating constantly.we expand our horizons to the whole world,have the idea of sincerity .we have broad vision. well,we make contribution to both youser and nonferrous metal industry's development.

we are willing to cooperate with you to bulid a wonderful world,making effort for nonferrous metal industry' development, invigorating shaanxi's economy.