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shaanxi non-ferrous metals mining company shaanxi qiandong mining co., ltd belongs to subsidiary enterprise of shaanxi non-ferrous metal holding group ltd. the company is located in sancha commune, fengxian county, shaanxi province, and is 25km from the capital city of fengxian county in the west, 125km from the baoji city in the north, 147km from the hanzhong city in the south, and is connected to sichuan-shaanxi highway in all these directions. shuangshipu railway station on baoji-chengdu railway is only 27km from the company. the traffic here is really convenient. the company is a state-owned medium-sized enterprise engages in exploitation and dressing of lead and zinc and smelting of lead, current production capacity reaching exploiting and dressing 1800 tons a day, and smelting 60 thousand tons of lead in a year. with rmb 0.4 billion yuan of fixed assets, the company now has 1300 staffs, including 158 persons of various professional technicians. 

under the leadership of operational staff, the company persists in an operation ideal of ¡°human-oriented, science and technology first, and all-round development¡±, with the spirit of hard-working, pioneering and enterprising, the company received one after another proud achievements, and its economic profit keeps rising year after year. 

in 2007, the company exploited 460 thousand tons of lead-zinc ore, dressed 460 thousand tons. the lead concentrate it produced contents 3900 tons of lead, the zinc concentrate it produced contents 21000 tons of zinc. it produced 2000 tons of industrial alkali zinc carbonate, and realized rmb 0.582 billion yuan of sales income and rmb 0.291 billion yuan of profit. rmb 0.15 billion yuan was invested as fixed asset in a year; and a lead smelting project of 60 thousand tons was smoothly constructed. 
in the course of production and operation, the company purses strict and precise management, trying hard to avoid phenomena as losing, emitting, dripping and leaking, and to reduce the cost. it scientifically standardizes various rules and regulations, actively develops recycling economy, targeting at constructing the company into an enterprise of resource-saving and environment-friendly, and was appraised from all-round.

the company adheres to the principle of invigorating the mine with the road of reviving the mine with science and technology. on the base of attentively concluding the successful experiences on exploiting and smelting technical renovation in the past years, the company carried out technical renovation purposefully over part of exploiting and smelting techniques, technique level and production profit has reached leading level in this industry, exploiting technique renovation was awarded the first prize of shaanxi non-ferrous metal holding group ltd awards for science and technology. with lead and zinc as the base and the main production, the company extends its industrial chains, and carried out a strategy of being driven by project. now the accomplished lead smelting technique renovation project is marching toward the aim of reaching the targeted production line, the targeted standard and the targeted aim. 

with the declining of exploiting interruption, ore quality seems to be descending. the company takes forceful measures for successful construction design and exploiting technical management, elevating coefficient of recovery in exploiting, reducing ore dilution ratio, effectively balance. now the third class ore reserve is effectively balanced, which drove the reasonable exploitation and using of mining resource. in 2007, in the first session of activity for selecting advanced mining enterprise reasonably exploiting and using national mining resources, the company was awarded the honored title of ¡°advanced mining enterprise reasonably exploiting and using national mining resources¡±.

the company highly regards basic management. various data and documents are complete, accurate and swift. its work quota, fund rating and consumption quota are scientific and standardized, and were appraised from all round. in the recent years, the company was awarded multiple honored titles as shaanxi province leading unit for facility management, and leading unit of national facility, etc. 

the company established a scientific mechanism for selecting person, employing person and distribution. the incentive and constraint mechanism for establishing positions for business, deciding salaries according to the position, salary changing with the variation of positions greatly aroused enthusiasms of staffs. 

party construction and spiritual civilization construction are not only special advantages of state-owned enterprise, but also an important security for pushing forward renovation and quickening development. the company persists on the guideline of ¡°grasp both links at the same time and attach sufficient importance to both¡±, does its best to guarantee party construction and spiritual civilization construction march forward and develop forward together with the economic construction of the enterprise. in the recent years, these several works are based on practice for development and exploitation, and received proud achievement. the company was successively awarded the honored titles of baoji city ¡°excellent grass-root party committee¡±, ¡°provincial level advanced home of staff and workers¡±, etc. in order to further reinforce the party construction in the company, the party committee of company successively attentively carried out activities in subsidiary branch committees as ¡°party class lectured by secretary of party committee (branch committee)¡±, constructing ¡°four-good administrative group¡±, which greatly drove the spiritual civilization construction, clean government building, enterprise culture construction and mass work. now the enterprise boasts "good governance and harmonious people", and rightful ethos of incorruptness. it is inspiring with the charm of scientific development and harmonious development.