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shaanxi yinmusi mining co., ltd.
brief introduction to shaanxi yinmusi mining co., ltd.
shaanxi yinmusi mining co., ltd. is located in pingkan town, fengxian county, baoji city, it is an enterprise for mining, processing and smelting of lead, zinc and gold, the mine was built in april, 1986 and officially put into operation in oct.1991, in dec. 1997, shaanxi yinmusi mining co., ltd. was set up based on the restructuring of the former shaanxi yinmusi lead-zone mine, in sept.2005, the enterprise jointed in shaanxi non-ferrous metal holding group, therefore, it is the subsidiary of shaanxi non-ferrous metal group.

 the mine is located in the metallogenic belt in fengxian county and taibai county at the south foot of qingling mountain, its daily design capacity is 200t of rude ore mining and processing and its annual capacity is 66000t of rude ore mining and processing, with annual output of 1800t of lead metal, and 5400t of zinc metal, since its establishment, the mine has successively conducted technological transformation of the ore processing system for three times according to the variation in ore grade and actual demand for production, at present, the daily capacity for ore processing is more than 300t. the mine adopts underground mining; the ore deposit adopts adit and shaft (above1251 grade), adit and blind inclined shaft (below 1251 grade), adopting short-hole shrinkage for mining, with simple technology, high rate of recovery, low rate of ore dilution. the ore processing adopts floatation process, preferential flotation lead beneficiation process, its technical indicators are advanced in the field, with stable product quality, and its main product-zinc concentrate has obtained the honorary title of ¡°excellent product in province and product exempting from inspection¡± for many years, and wins a good reputation among users. from oct.1991, the mine officially put into operation, till the end of 2007, the enterprise has already completed gross industrial output value of 698 million yuan, and profit and tax of 294 million yuan, profit of 214 million yuan, profit turnover of 137 million yuan, the existing assets of the company is 218 million yuan. 

 during the past 17 years of reform and development, the enterprise has already obtained the honorary titles of ¡°advanced unit in production operation¡±, ¡°advanced unit in safety and environmental protection¡±, ¡°advanced unit in spiritual civilization¡± and ¡°advanced unit in party construction¡±, having won recognition from all walks of life and made great contribution to the local economic construction.
shaanxi yinmusi mining co., ltd.
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