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tianhong is a high and new technology with manufacturin silicon mterial ,selling ,serving and researching. it is founded in july,2007 by youser together with shanxi yanchang shiyou corporation,xi’anlujin technology limited company and shanxi investment corporation . and its total register capital is 120million yuan. while its quarter lies in xi’an high and new technology industrial development zone.

tianhong is building the production line with annual capacity of 3750t microelectronics polysilicon. the total investment is 370 million yuan. the factory will be in xianyang,shanxi,occupying 500 mu ground by twice building. and this project will introduce overseas advanced technology and main device. it has the following feature: high technical content high starting point products ,low consumption, closed cycle technology,clean production. the buliding content includes all the flow of polysilicon production. mainly,it contains the system and supporting facilities for trichlorosilane synthesis fractionation puirification polycrystalline restore sillicon tetrachloride hydrogenation,dry exhaust gas recycling. the program of the first 1250t annal micro electronics polysilicon lay a foundation in sep,2007, and started building in april,2008. after over one year effort, we accomplish the linkage pilot successfully in july ,2009. and the first polysilicon was born on 16th,july,2009. after more than one month trial production, the system operated steadily ,and the trial product’s quality and consumption indicators is very good.

tianhong always do the following:protecting the enviroment and developing circle economy,studying and solving the issue of enviroment protecting carefully during the process of polysilicon production, researching and designing the enviroment protecting and complex usage art technics with intellectual property during the process of polysilicon prduction together with college school and enviroment protecting studying unit. this study’s application solvedthe issue of dealing with waste gas and waste liquid during the process of polysilicon production ,recycling and enviroment protecting. meanwhile we changed the image of high energy,high pollution of polysilicon production. our company becomes the green energy saving factory really.

on the basis of introducing,digesting,absorption,tianhong pay attention to the intellectual property research and development.also,it built engineering lab that is main of polysilicon production technology ,device and integrated utilization three labs. while make the company has the independence development ability for technics,device and integrated utilization.

tianhong merges talent training and project building,pushing the strategy of reinfocing the corporation with talent by “send out” “invite in” multi facted multi-channel traing,it is made of german specialist team,national skillful specialist team, graduate student and undergraduate student team by self training,which is based for high quality talent team and promotes the competitive advantage in the same industry

tianhong breach the western technical barrier,object to create “advan ced out of the country, top in our country” polysilicon. also, has exacting mission of filling in microelectronic polysilicon production technic blank.

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