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shaanxi jianchaling nickel industry company
brief introduction to shaanxi jianchaling nickel industry co., ltd.
in order to integrate and develop the nickel mineral resource in jianchaling, shaanxi jianchaling nickel industry co., ltd was established in jun. 22, 2006 under the joint effort of five enterprises, they are shaanxi non-ferrous metal holding group ltd, jinchuan group ltd, qinghai western precious metal co., ltd, shaanxi daqin geological & mining co., ltd, and shaanxi jianchaling mining development co., ltd.

the company was registered in lueyang county administration for industry and commerce on aug 3, 2006, with rmb 0.3 billion yuan of registered capital. business scope of the company: exploitation, mill running, and smelting of non-ferrous mental of nickel ore, and other mining resources, processing and sales of mineral products, and chemical products, as well as facility leasing, repairing, technical consult and service.

shaanxi hua'ao mining industry co., ltd jianchaling gold mining, the sole investment subsidiary company by the company is located in xiqugou village, hejiayan town, lueyang county, shaanxi province, yearly exploiting and dressing 300 thousand tons of gold-bearing ore (daily exploiting and dressing 1000 tons). its industrial site is near to jianchaling nickel mining. the main part of jianchaling nickel mining is only 1000m away from jianchaling gold mining at the nearest spot. mining engineering applies 5.5¡á5m large inclined approach for exploiting, under mine railless transportation and machineries for filling upper layers. main facilities currently being used include atlas 282 two-boom stope-jumbo, atlas 104 one-boom stope-jumbo, mt-439 truck, and st-7.5z forklift. the company also has advanced measurement apparatus, facilities and surpac geologic mapping software, with sokki¦«powerset2000 computer controlled whole-station as the main.

dressing and smelting engineering is arranged in the open air, and accepts automatic centralized-control; and local separate control to facilities and automatic control techniques to process variables, especially a series of programmable logic controller (plc) and cps electrode flotation techniques, two sections of closed-circuit crushing techniques, the two sections of two sections fine crushing introduced advanced hd4000 spindle breaker, and has reached international level.

now, the company has over 280 staffs, including 2 masters, 33 bachelors, 43 persons of associated degree, 8 persons graduated from technical secondary schools, and 21 graduated from polytechnic schools. the technicians of the project, there are 8 persons with senior professional titles, 20 persons with medium level professional titles. staffs and various engineering professional technicians are openly recruited according to recruitment conditions made by the company, especially engineering technicians, who are mainly professional able persons with practical experiences in non-ferrous or gold industry, some of them are professional technicians from universities and scientific research institutes.

now the company is developing and constructing jianchaling nickel mining. construction size is daily exploiting and dress 2000 tons of nickel ores. project construction total investment reaches rmb 463 million yuan.
shaanxi jianchaling nickel industry co., ltd.
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