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hanzhong tianhongji mining co., ltd.
brief introduction to hanzhong city tianhongji mining co., ltd.
hanzhong city tianhongji mining co., ltd. is a company constructed by four units of shaanxi non-ferrous metal holding group ltd., shaanxi non-ferrous mental mining company, hanzhong bayi zinc industrial co., ltd., and shaanxi yimu temple mining industrial co., ltd. through jointly investing and buying the ownership and management right of hanzhong city tianhongji mining co., ltd. that was dominated by the original wanxiang western and wanxiang resources co., ltd. the new company is dominated by the group company, with a registered capital of rmb 18 billion yuan.  

the company has the exploitation rights of the nanzheng county nanmushu lead-zinc mine of hanzhong city tianhongji mining co., ltd., nanzheng county chayuanli lead-zinc mine of hanzhong city tianhongji mining co., ltd., and nanzheng county baiyugu jiangou lead-zinc mine of hanzhong city tianhongji mining co., ltd. being located to the 160km southeast to hanzhong city and 90 km south to tongjiang county, sichuan province, mining area belongs to nanzheng county nanmushu lead-zinc mine, and is under the administration of fucheng commune, nanzheng county. in this area, the qianjin¡ªmining area, with 32km of mountainous pathway, is inconvenient in traffic. now the road is being expanded and new road is under designing. as to the power supply system in mining area, through multiple times of contacts and negotiations with municipal power bureau, power supply line, steel tower and wiring have been basically accomplished. it estimated by march-april of this year, the aim of power supply can be realized. dongyu river running through from east to west, the mining area has abundant water supply, which is sufficient for water supply of production use and living use in mining area.

in order to put carry out the decision of the provincial government for breaking the development limit of southern shaanxi province, convert resource advantage into economic advantage, and drive the local economic development, this project is set up as the key business invitation project of hanzhong city. the first stage of the project is highly supported by the government, and various works are carried out smoothly. currently, relevant works as environmental effect evaluation, safety pre-evaluation, geological disaster evaluation, etc. concerning this project has been accomplished. through the large amount of detailed geological survey work in the first stage, reserved deposit has been basically made clear, and the project is fully prepared for development and construction.

mining building size: yearly exploiting 330 thousand tons of ore; mining service limit: 39 years. the mining adopted the development form of adit-pass, mineral processing in two sectionsò»closed-circuit crushing technique, and flotation technology. its main products are of zinc concentrates. with a total investment of rmb 137.2797 million yuan, the mining has rmb 197.4456 million yuan of annual sales income and rmb 112.7777 million yuan of annual profit turn over. with resource development as the base, profit maximization as the target, market demand as the guide, and technical development as the power, the company is striving hard to construct hanzhong city tianhongji mining co., ltd. into a large mining company of resource-based and technology-based.

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