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metallurgical and mining company in shaanxi province
metallurgical and mining company in shaanxi province

metallurgical and mining company in shaanxi province in 1987 by the provincial government approved the establishment of the general office, the predecessor of manganese companies in shaanxi province. after approval by the provincial economic and trade commission, at the end of 1997 renamed the metallurgical and mining company in shaanxi province. metallurgy office is part of the province after another, provincial metallurgical bureau, the provincial economic and trade commission, the provincial sasac. the second half of 2008, the provincial sasac approved the reorganization of the company's restructuring program, "on the shaanxi nonferrous metals holdings group co., ltd. shaanxi restructuring of the metallurgical and mining company approved the issue of" my company as a whole was placed under the management of non-ferrous group.

companies under the jurisdiction of three wholly-owned subsidiary of: manganese ningqiang in shaanxi province, shaanxi province jiashan zhenba manganese qu, culture huitong nanzheng county development co., ltd., the existing more than 500 registered workers. company is mainly engaged in mining technology development, mine safety management, minerals mining, sales and other businesses. mine has a wealth of management experience in mining and related technologies, with a large number of technical quality of the workers. enterprises directly under the two manganese ore, manganese ore is mainly engaged in processing and sale of selection, the main products are high-quality manganese carbonate and manganese oxide, product marketing canton province and shanxi, sichuan and other ferro-alloys business, manganese ore products and sales booming. communism in 2007 manganese ore 90,000 tons, sales income of 43.23 million yuan, 9.348 million yuan of profits.

in the course of development for more than 20 years, the company experienced a lot of rough and difficult, but also ushered in new opportunities and challenges. team led by the large number of employees the company, seize the historic opportunity to do a good job of existing manganese resources in the rational exploitation, utilization, based on the extraction of both, driving first, to strengthen the management of production technology; continuously improve the efficiency of production and ore mining rate to resource utilization, cost-effective optimization. at the same time, expansion of resources through the implementation of the strategy to take the joint venture, equity participation, acquisition of a wholly-owned and other forms, to expand the company's management, to resolve the crisis, and promote the development of the enterprise.

mining company restructuring, the structure of property rights to achieve diversification, and improve their corporate management structure. adhere to people-oriented, safety first, establishing a modern enterprise system, and enhance the vitality of enterprises. the new company will rely on the management of non-ferrous group, technology, markets, financing advantage, optimizing the allocation of resources, scientific development, overall planning, coordinated management of production, adjusting the industrial structure, changes in mode of operation to the overall development of group objectives and the "eleventh five-year" development planning as the guiding ideology, to mobilize all efforts to achieve security, harmony, stability, development, and economic development in shaanxi province to make a greater contribution.