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jinduicheng molybdenum industry group co., ltd.
brief introduction to jinduicheng molybdenum group co., ltd

 jinduicheng molybdenum group co.,ltd. (jdc group) is one of the largest molybdenum complex enterprises focus on molybdenum mining, floatation, smelting, chemical and metal processing, research and trade, ranked the third in the world and the first in asia. it¡¯s also a major publicly traded state owned mining enterprise in china with strong supports from both state and provincial government. it is a key enterprise belongs to shaanxi non-ferrous metals holding group co., ltd with a total asset of more than 20 billion rmb.

it has three different series of moly products in molybdenum metallurgical products, molybdenum chemical products and molybdenum metal. the total number of products is more than twenty. it also has some molybdenum by-products such as sulfur, iron and copper. 

since its establishment in 1958, it has developed into an international renowned mining, mineral processing and metallurgical enterprise with loyal customers in north america, europe, africa, and asia pacific. it has already built long-term strategic partnerships with top fortune 500 global companies and positioned itself as a world leader in molybdenum industry with its state of art processing facilities and advanced technology in operation and sustainable development.

 jdc group is located in china¡¯s northwest shaanxi province. it has the biggest open pit molybdenum mine in asia with a reserve life of more than a hundred years. its processing and metallurgical facilities are also the biggest and most advanced in the industrial. it also boasts the highest output as an industrial leader in china. its major products include unroasted molybdenum concentrates, roasted molybdenum concentrate, highly soluble technical molybdenum oxide, molybdenum disulfide, ammonium molybdate, molybdenum powder, rods, plates and wires, formed molybdenum plates, tungsten electrode, magnetic iron ore, sulfur concentrate and copper concentrate. with their high quality, customer services, and worldwide sales network, it is currently taking 8% of the world¡¯s molybdenum market, and its brand well established. it has iso9001 quality management system certification, iso14001 environmental management system certification, and ohsas18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. its molybdenum products are exempted from quality inspection from chinese government and most of its products are certified by major corporations in the world. 
since 2007, jdc group has been awarded twice by provincial government of shaanxi for its effort in environmental protection and sustainable development. it was also awarded molybdenum capital of china in 2006 by national mining federation of china. it is the hosting company for international molybdenum association as well.

jdc group strongly believe research and technology and has been put a lot of effort into developing its research and development team. over the years, it has established itself as a leader in the research of molybdenum materials and established long-term strategic relationship with major universities and research institutions in china. it has a postdoctoral research centre and is the publisher of china molybdenum industry, the only research journal in the industry. since 2005, it has applied for numerous national patents and undertaken a couple of major national research projects.

since 2006, jdc group adopted a new development strategy and branched out into research, trade, investment, and has established operations all over china and around the world. it also started to acquire mineral deposits in both argentina and canada with its successful acquisition of yukon zinc finalized in 2007.

jdc values integrity, excellence, innovation as its core corporate principals and promotes a culture of efficiency, commitment and teamwork.

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