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brief introduction of baoti group ltd.

baoti group ltd. (here in after referred to as ¡°baoti group¡±) is the biggest production, research and development base of titanium and its alloy in china. its technology equipment level, production of titanium products and market share in domestic are ranked first in china, not only is the china¡¯s titanium industry leader enterprise, but also an important part of world titanium industry. 

baoti group has nine holding companies, including the listed company --baoji titanium industry co., ltd (stock symbol: 600456), five wholly-owned subsidiaries and seven directly operating units. it has advanced technology equipment and a large number of outstanding experts in rare metals, a variety of technical professionals accounted for 30% of the total staff. technical strength is very strong. it has formed ten production systems such as sponge titanium, nickel titanium processing materials, precision casting, rod-wire materials, tungsten-molybdenum materials, equipment design and manufacturing, metal composite material, zirconium material, aluminum steel materials and deep-processing products. the group has undertaken more than 6000 new materials and products trial tasks and won 485 prizes on science and technology. there are about 95 percent titanium mill products used in aerospace are made from baoti group in china. baoti group has contributed to the first hydrogen bomb explosion successfully, the first nuclear-power submarine launching, the first soft landing satellite back ground successfully, the first launching of carrier rocket to the pacific ocean area and launching the shenzhou series of spacecraft successfully.

the main production processes of baoti group are the same as the international level. the group successively passed the certifications of iso9001, gjb9100a and as9100 standards of quality management system, received quality system certification of international famous companies as airbus company, boeing company, fortech company, rmi company, snecma company, rolls-royce company etc, products being approved by them. its level of titanium products processing technology represents the highest level in china currently and is the main makers of china's titanium products standards and the national army standards. ¡°baoti¡± brand titanium and titanium mill products are not only chinese famous brand products, but also enjoy high reputation in the international market, and became the synonym of "china titanium". baoti group is a long-term fixed-point provider for airbus, boeing, goodrich corporation.

since 2004, baoti group realized a rapid increase of rmb 1 billion yuan/year for continuous four years. in 2008, the group realized total sales of rmb 6 billion yuan, and the same time, in 2008, the leading titanium mill products of the group made a major breakthrough, reached 10,000 tons for the first time, so that the group truly became the backbone of chinese titanium industry. with baoti group as the technical core and industrial lead, ministry of science and technology, national development and reform commission had created the "china titanium valley" and the new material industry base in baoji, shaanxi province, and formed the powerful industrial group for china's titanium production and new materials research and development. in 2008, baoti group technology center had also been jointly identified as state-level enterprise technical center by national development and reform commission, ministry of science and technology, the ministry of finance, customs general administration, state administration of taxation, and had become the first national enterprise technology center among the chinese titanium processing enterprises.

currently, baoti group is marching forward toward the strategic target of ¡°creating a baoti group with sales of more than 10 billion¡±, and is mending its pace in constructing projects as baoti industrial zone, etc. through realizing increasing strategy, and based on the ten production systems, the group reinforced the organic combination of industrial operation and capital operation, optimized its industry structure, adjusted increasing vector, elevated industrial concentration and operation level in order to develop the group into a chinese rare metal material production and scientific research base including three listed companies of titanium and nickel industry, zirconium industry and equipment designing and manufacturing industry, and mount to the leading place of titanium industry in the world.
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